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Family Invitation

  1. Must be in F-1 / J-1 status
  2. Must have Health Insurance hold cleared, as well as any other CISP registration hold
  3. Must be enrolled full time at CSUSB, or have a Waiver Request form filed
  4. Must be authorized by Center for International Studies and Programs
  1. Review the Eligibility Requirements
  2. Complete a Request for Documentation form
  3. On the back of the request form, please explain:
    • Purpose of visit
    • Biographical information for each individual:
      • Family Name
      • Given Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Country of birth
      • Country of Citizenship
      • Relationship to student
    • Name and address of where it is to be sent.
  4. Lack of information will delay the process
  5. Pick-up the letter after 5 days


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