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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I study abroad?
  • It will provide you with a complete new perspective on your own culture and environment. It will enhance you to make new friends, have connections worldwide and expand your horizons. This experience will live with you forever.

  • How many types of study abroad programs exist?
  • There are three main types of programs that CSUSB offers to its students.

Type of program Summer Study Abroad Student Exchange IP Programs
Length 1-3 months 12 units per quarter 12 units per quarter
Units to credit 2-12 Semester or academic year Academic year
Financial Aid availability Specific on each case Applicable depending on the program Yes
Scholarships Available Available Available
GPA Requirement 2.3 and above 2.5 and above 2.75 and above
Class Level Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior & Alumni Sophomore, Junior & Senior Sophomore, Junior & Senior
Deadline to apply Variable - April 15
- October 15
- December 15
- May 1 (Australia & South Africa)
GPA Requirement 2.3 and above 2.5 and above 2.75 and above
  • How will I get credit while study abroad?
  • You will be a full time student and all of the grades and units you earn while studying abroad will transfer back

  • Which countries does my university offer to study abroad?
  • CSUSB offers a variety of study abroad programs to its students. Over 20 countries are available to perform study abroad. For specific programs and/or countries visit the Horizons Simplicity web page.

  • Can I study abroad on a program not affiliated with CSUSB?
  • Yes, please attend the information meeting to find out about participating on outside/independent programs.

  • Will I fall behind with graduation if I study abroad?
  • All units taken on the study abroad program can be transfer back to CSUSB for credit. These units can be applied towards your major, double major, minor, GE requirements or elective courses you are in. Because you will earn credit on the courses taken while studying abroad, you will not fall behind your academic program.

  • What if I can’t afford to study abroad?
  • Study Abroad programs are more affordable than what you can think. Look and ask for financial aid options and scholarship opportunities at our University. Also check other options available to study abroad. Please visit our system at:

  • Can I apply my financial aid towards these programs?
  • For more information about financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office. Location: UH-150
    Phone: 909.537.5227

  • I am a freshman. Can you give me some tips for preparing myself to study abroad?
  • Great! Here at CSUSB we love to have early birds like you that plan in advance. Please revise the countries in which we offer study abroad options and research about the scholarship opportunities for you. You can do all this in our system at:

    We will also welcome you in our office in the proper office hours to assist you in this preparation.

  • Do the grades I earn on this program count on my transcript and towards my GPA?
  • Yes! The main purpose of study abroad is for you to experience the culture and explore new worlds at the same time you are responsible for your academics. The grades and units earned on study abroad will count towards your CSUSB transcript, so be careful and balance everything.

    We have experienced excellent success stories with our CSUSB students and we can’t wait to have you on board.

  • What will the housing be during my program?
  • Excellent question! Housing varies between programs. Some programs offer on-campus housing, some others homestay and others simply offer resources for finding your own housing. To know about the living options in a specific place, please revise it in our system at:

  • How can I know what courses taken abroad will count towards my major/minor?
  • During the application process, you will need to work closely with your major and/or minor academic advisor to plan your course of study properly. One of your main resources will be the host university’s website from which you would be able to download the syllabus of the potential courses you are willing to take and get credit from.

    Work along with your Department Chair, as it will be required for you to have his/her signature for classes approval. Download the ¨Permission to Study at Host University” here

  • Do I have to speak a foreign language to study abroad?
  • Most of the countries in which we offer programs to go and study abroad will also speak English. Nevertheless there are some countries in which a certain language proficiency needs to be proven. Feel free to visit our system website to learn more about the programs specifics at:

  • What if I want to go to a location not offered on CSU IP or CSUSB?
  • You can definitely look for a program that you feel it best fit your interests even though its not offered by either the CSU IP or our University. To start this process, please come to our office during proper office hours (link to Advising and peer mentoring tab) to further assist you in this process.

  • For CSU International Programs, do I have to fill out both the CSUSB Horizons applications & the CSU Mentor application?
  • Yes. The CSUSB application collects information needed to better assist you on your application for study abroad. Please note that the CSU Mentor application is the actual application.

  • What if I haven’t declared the major/minor I want to work on while studying abroad?
  • We strongly suggest that you plan accordingly in this point. Note that it is very important for your career development to know the specialty area you would like to work on. We advise you to work with the Undergraduate Advising and Departmental advisors to declare your major/minor.

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