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Full Time Status Waiver

Students NOT enrolled in 8 units, (graduates) or 12units (undergraduates) need to fill out a Waiver Request Form. All waivers must be turned in before students drop their classes to keep in status with CSUSB. Below are the reasons for authorizing Waiver of Full-Time Course at CSUSB. See the back of the Waiver form for more information.

  1. Illness/Medical Condition (student needs to present a doctor’s certificate)
  2. Initial difficulty with the English language (only first quarter)
  3. Initial difficulty with reading requirements (only first quarter)
  4. Unfamiliarity with U.S teaching methods (only first quarter)
  5. Improper course level placement (only first quarter)
  6. To complete course of wtudy (only less than full time load needed to graduate. Last two quarters only.)
  1. Review the Eligibility Requirements
  2. Complete the Full Time Waiver form and make sure you specify your reason(s)
  3. Obtain support document(s)
  4. Sign and scan to
  5. Keep your request form for your records


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