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  1. You must be officially accepted at CSUSB, not to the department (departments may send you an acceptance notification prior to the official CSUSB acceptance notification.)
  2. CISP will notify you of your official acceptance and ask you to transfer your SEVIS/I-20 record from your previous university to CSUSB.
  3. Complete the transfer form and turn it in to the international advisor/DSO at your previous university to process.
  4. CISP will notify you when your I-20 is ready. You will have the option of picking it your acceptance package or receiving it by mail.


  1. Must be in F-1 / J-1 status
  2. Must have Health Insurance hold cleared, as well as any other CISP registration hold
  3. Must be enrolled full time at CSUSB, or have an approved Waiver Request form filed
  4. Must be authorized by Center for International Studies and Programs
  1. Review the Eligibility Requirements
  2. Complete a Request for Documentation form
  3. On the back of the Request form, please explain: Why you have decided to transfer to another school (this information will be used for statistical purposes only.)
  4. Transfer form from new institution
  5. Official Acceptance Letter from the new institution
  6. Lack of information will delay the process
  7. Outstanding balances and other holds will be reported to the new university. Keep in mind that you can only be transferred out at the completion of the quarter.


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