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Mission Statement

In support of the strategic plans adopted by the CSU system and by California State University San Bernardino, the Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP) leads the campus’ globalization process by collaborating with university and off-campus partners to develop and promote activities, programs, and services that meet the international needs of our university, regional, national, and global communities. CISP, an integral part of CSUSB’s Academic Affairs unit, reports directly to the Vice Provost for Academic and International Affairs.

  • CISP is the primary contact for international students, including new immigrants and permanent resident students, at CSUSB. The Office provides information about housing, health and support services, academic requirements, employment opportunities, visa and immigration requirements, legal services, as well as a general orientation to the campus and community. CISP assists international students to achieve academic success, personal growth, leadership abilities, and professional goals.
  • CISP works with professors and academic units to organize and promote short and long-term study abroad programs, internships, and scholarships, including Fulbright opportunities, for CSUSB students.
  • CISP helps to coordinate curricular, programmatic and resource initiatives related to international education. These efforts have supported the establishment of two minors at CSUSB: Latin American Studies and Asian Studies minors at CSUSB.
  • CISP designed, founded, and provides ongoing management of the Professors Across Borders Program, funded by the Faculty Professional Development Coordinating Committee, that supports faculty members’ international professional development:
  • research, internationalization of the curriculum, conference preparation, grant writing, foreign language skills, and development and support of international partnerships. CISP also provides support for faculty Fulbright Scholar Programs.
  • CISP works to attract international visiting scholars and visitors and to provide personal, logistical, and academic assistance to them during their short or extended stays on campus. For long-term visitors, this support includes help with visa procedures and information about tax and legal issues.
  • CISP assists in negotiating Memoranda of Understanding with international partners, as well as maintaining the campus’ file and data base for these documents.
  • CISP organizes or co-sponsors international lectures, roundtables, conferences, and cultural/artistic events, including International Education Week.
  • CISP publishes academic journals related to global themes.
  • CISP disseminates information about CSUSB’s international activities and affiliations through its website:


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