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Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

  1. Must be in F-1 status for at least (9) months of continuous enrollment
  2. Must be part of the student’s academic program and be directly related to student's field of study
  3. Must be enrolled for 12 units for undergraduates or 8 units for graduates
  4. Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA for undergraduates or 3.0 GPA for graduates
  5. Must be authorized by Center for International Studies and Programs
  1. Review the CPT FAQs and Application.
  2. Obtain a letter from employer (on company letterhead) stating working hours per week, beginning and end dates, and a brief job description.
  3. Must be enrolled in an internship class – or – List necessity in the university catalog/department handbook as necessary - or – Obtain a letter from an academic advisor stating how the position enhances the student's educational goals
    1. The goals and objectives of the specific academic training program;
    2. A description of the academic training program, including its location, the name and address of the training supervisor, number of hours per week, and dates of the training;
    3. How the academic training relates to the student's major field of study; and
    4. Why it is an integral or critical part of the academic program of the student.
NOTE: If you need a Social Security Number, please apply for a social security letter at the same time.


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